Brave rewards device limit removal

I have been disconnected multiple times from my uphold account, this has been done by some tech person on your side in order to connect my android phone and send my BAT to uphold. (usual error “device limit reached”)

Through emails received from Support, I have been told that the linking limit will be removed this month, but I have never been told when is this happening exactly.

see image below for reference

Is it going to be the start or end of the month? is there a date for when this will happen?

I have been waiting to transfer my BAT since I started using brave browser on my android and I’ve never been able to transfer them since, there has always been a connection problem between my account and uphold.


Is brave removing the device limit?

this is what I have been told, as seen from the screen snippet (image) above

Yes, they are. You can track the status of it and everything else they are working on at

And more specifically, you can see where they are setting up for us to manage our own wallet slots at

Hi there folks! Wanted to provide an update here. Development has started and things are moving nicely. We should have a completed change in our staging environment by late Q1 (so we can begin testing). If testing goes well, we’ll have this available to users a few weeks after that

In the meantime, you can tag @brave/rewards-support here on GitHub or create a post on Community

So we should be getting it here within the next month or two


That means soon we’ll be able to connect multiple devices to the same uphold account or Gemini account.

thanks for the links!
that’s exactly what i was looking for :+1:

Hiya, I’ve been having linked issue only on my android since nov 2021. So I’ve got a bunch of credits sitting there. as they’re progressing with this at the moment, is there a way remove an old device currently? I’ve found another article that has instruction to go to brave://rewards-internal. but that doesn’t work on android brave app. please help. thanks

You can’t do that yourself. You’ve to submit a request on a link and give some important details.
You’ll find the link and other important details in the below mentioned post

Thanks @numaankhan07 , but what happened if I do not have the device anymore? I just want them to clear / remove all of the devices that are currently paired.

If you don’t remember the wallet id then they will remove all the devices linked with your verified account

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