Video Popout for Brave


A feature that I would like to see be added to the Brave Browser is a feature for when you are going to watch videos, I would hope that you guys add a feature so when you watch the video you can popout the video of the screen so you can watch the video if you are switching to a difference tab, and if you are opening a new tab while watching a video the video will automatically popout and then you are still able to watch it, you could be able to move the screen that the video is displayed in and you could also re-scale the screen so you can see it better, I think this would be a useful feature for brave and I also think that other people want it.

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There’s already a picture in picture feature in Brave. When a video starts playing, you’ll see an icon on the right side of your address bar here:

Screenshot from 2022-12-11 13-05-18

If you click on the button with the musical note, you’ll see all of the videos playing.

Screenshot from 2022-12-11 13-09-14

In that window, there’s a picture of a rectangle in a rectangle. Push it, and you’ll open a small window that will sit on top of other windows and that can be moved and resized.

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Automatic picture in picture mode is improvement idea… plus, i want forward 10 seconds, rewind 10 seconds integration

useful extension to open Picture in picture mode superfast

i wish we can set a shortcut key like alt + p

I know that this exists, but it is annoying take Opera GX for an example, if you go to another tab the video automatically switches to a smaller screen or it is a button on the actual video you can press so you can tab out the video too, it is much simpler on other browsers then using an extension or pressing a button 2 times.

So your request isn’t for a pop out video, it’s for a different implementation or another way to activate the pop out video window?


I know that the popout is a way to do it already but a different implementation or another way to easier activate the pop out video window, and maybe add to that popout a bar so you can move the time of the video other than pausing only.

Gotcha, thanks! Just trying to clarify for the developers’ sake.