Is there a way or extension to play Netflix in a pop-out floating video window?

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I’m interested in having the ability for a pop-out floating window as a built in part of Brave if possible. I was so use to being able to pop-out the video window from Netflix, YouTube, and any other video site when using Safari. It makes it very handy for multitasking on Desktop. Playing a Netflix show in the corner that stays in the front while typing up a paper or whatnot. It’s not super important, but is very nice and makes for an improved browsing/entertainment experience while using Brave.

I found that there are several extensions that work for YouTube and other sites to do this same thing, but from what I see none of them work with Netflix. It would be great if the feature was native to Brave.



I have had the same nice feature while using Yandex-Browser and would like to find it too in Brave-Browser.

It makes additional sense with explanation videos as small pop-out and the possibility to follow instructions in real-time!