Pop-Out Video on Brave Browser

Please add support for Pop-Out Videos, please check Vivaldi Browser for reference.

Vivaldi engineers improved the browser’s native pop-out video feature significantly in the new release. Pop-out video enables users to move HTML video content, e.g. on YouTube, Netflix or Twitch, to a separate window that can be moved and resized independently of the actual web browser window.

All it takes is to click on the icon at the top center of the video that is playing in the browser to use pop-out video in the browser. The video is moved to its own window at that point and moved back when you close it.



You can use the Google Picture in Picture extension. Works perfectly and has a hotkey. If you’re worried about privacy using a Google extension, you can allow it access to only certain whitelisted sites (Netflix, YouTube, etc.).

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I agree! This should be a native feature, as pretty much any other browser has it! (Safari, Firefox, Opera…)

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It works! Thank you!

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