A Feature Brave Browser Should Have

So as a Student who’s constantly watches videos and multitask on their Laptop. It became a deal beaker for me that Browsers having a feature where videos can be “Popped Out” of the sites. Where you can drag it anywhere while you do things from other tabs or other programs.

This concept is shown in one of Opera’s own Beta Updates from 2016 and I’m still disappointed not much browsers have this implemented. Brave especially gives a vibe of getting things done without having all this junk & slow down in each website you visit. Which is a perfect reason to include it has a bundle for your snappy blockers.

Now I’ve tried looking for Extensions that satisfy this need but it’s only for YouTube. It be a nice gesture to have since it eliminates the back & forth between tabs and the pause & unpause between sessions of watching videos.

How about opening your video in a new browser window instead of a new tab? Then you can adjust the sizes of the video window and the main window you are working in so they both fit on your screen with no overlap. You should be able to see both at the same time.