Popout Video Player

Any thoughts on implementing a popout player feature for sites like YouTube?

I’ve come from the Opera browser and that has one which is fully resizable and great for throwing over to one side or onto my second screen while I continued to browse.

You can enable pop-out videos on Youtube by going to the Youtube video, and right-clicking twice. The option is available on the second context menu.

Note that sometimes this menu is tricky to prompt – it may take a couple attempts (this is a Youtube issue afaik, not related to Brave):

It works without any issue. But I can’t resize the “Picture in Picture” separated tab beyond the some size of my screen in Brave. I am able to do the same in other browsers. I tested in opera.
How it works in Brave:
I can’t show my cursor actually. I was resizing above window when I took the screenshot and the video window was stuck at above size and not resizing beyond it.

How it works in Opera:

This should be a Brave’s issue.

Picture-In-Picture works with Youtube but I’d love to see Brave add it to the browser like Firefox has so Picture-In-Picture can be used with any video.

Hmm very interesting – I’m not sure why that’s the case. I don’t think it’s an intention restriction of any kind. I also notice that Chrome displays the same behavior as Brave so I’m wondering if maybe it’s actually something Opera is doing that allows this.

I’ve pinged a couple teammates and will dig into this a bit.

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