Social sidebar & Video pop-out

Hi there !

I’m using Brave for ~ a week now and I really appreciate it !
I was previously using another Web browser (not sure if I can tell the name) and there are two features I love and I would really like them to be integrated into Brave as they are so useful.

The first one is the social sidebar, which allows the user to login to his social medias in order to access it more quickly. For example, the user can connect his Twitch account to see who is currently streaming without going on the Twitch website. Same for Messenger, the user can see his messages and answer to it without going on the Facebook / Messenger website.

The second one is the video pop-out, which allows the user to watch his video/stream outside the tab so he can do something else while he keep watching his video simultaneously.

These features are really useful and helpful, so I hope there will be implemented someday !

Sorry for my bad english and thanks for reading me.


Many browser i’ve used already have this popup video feature integrated, hope Brave will be having this soon.