Video playback opens several identical windows

Windows 11
Brave 1 49 120

when I open a video playback window Brave opens several identical windows of the same video. Worse, it is no longer possible to close them. We can close only one window of this video and 4 or 5 persist openened with only the visible tab.

Video playback test with Edge. Everything is normal there.

@Titi7560 I’m not having this issue anywhere, and I watch a lot of videos. Is this happening only on particular websites or where are you experiencing this problem?

Also to clarify, what do you mean by this? Are you referring to just loading a page with video and playing it, or what are you doing to “open a video playback window?” (I want to make sure I’m not making any wrong assumptions)


Can you try in a Guest Window and see if the issue persists there?

where is this Guest Windows ?

openn and playing

you mean incognito ?

i tried
same same

Negative. I’m speaking of either creating a new browser profile or doing a guest window. The difference between the two is that Guest Window is temporary and goes away when you close the window. Whereas New Profile would exist until you delete it.

The reason for asking you to do this is because it helps us to check if:

  1. Any extensions are causing any problems.
  2. If your issue might be due to browser settings (new profile or guest window will be in default settings)
  3. If it might be bad cookies or something on your browser.

So if you test with these and it works, we would try to figure out which of those three might be the problem.

Don’t forget to answer the other questions I asked you.

i’m trying and i’ll tell you

seems working.
extension problem ?

Possibly. You can try to disable extensions and see if it works. If so, then turn them back on one at a time until you find out which one causes the problem.

If disabling extensions doesn’t make a difference, then clear your cookies. This will sign you out of everything and all, but just in case it’s an issue. You’d do that by marking everything as you see in screenshot below, which you can get to by pasting in brave://settings/clearBrowserData in your search bar.

New Tab - Brave 3_20_2023 12_38_48

i ll try
bye :wink:

just now the problem came back :sleepy:
even with guest mode
When Edge is working without this problem

Nobody helping me ?