Vertical Tabs should not be visible in fullscreen mode

Hi, I just started trying the Vertical Tabs feature and love the implementation. I ran into a couple issues though:

  • When I press F11 to enter fullscreen mode, the vertical tab menu is still present. Is this intentional? There should be a way to completely hide the tabs.

  • Speaking of hiding tabs, I’m not sure how I feel about the “tab minimize” button affecting all windows. I’d like to get that screen estate back on my second monitor–where I usually only have one tab open–but keep the labels visible on my primary monitor. Perhaps a solution would be to automatically hide the menu on windows with a single tab.



For me, I like the Vertical Tab Bar and Sidebar being visible in FullScreen Mode. :slight_smile:

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For me, the vertical tabs are what make me use Brave instead of Edge. The reason is fairly simple. On macOS, if you place Edge (and, from what I’ve seen, any other browser), they will hide everything except for the tab row. However, I use apps on full screen all the time to maintain focus. So for me, this is a game-changing feature, not an issue.

I appreciate that others find the current behavior useful - what I’m asking for could be made optional.

That said, it’s not consistent with the behavior of fullscreen mode using horizontal tabs:

Changing the definition of “fullscreen” based on the tab orientation doesn’t seem like a great idea to me. But as a separate option it would be awesome!

I should also clarify that I’m a Windows user. Maybe fullscreen mode is a bit different on Mac or Linux. Unlike in Naishi’s screenshot, when I press F11, my address bar and taskbar are no longer visible.


On Linux also, when I enter full-screen mode by pressing F11, the vertical tab bar remains visible even though the address bar is not. I agree that that’s a bit strange. If only the web page is visible when using horizontal tabs, I’d expect the same to be true when using vertical tabs.

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For me (using macOS), my issue is that the vertical tab bar is visible when I am watching a video in fullscreen mode (i.e. YouTube)… I would think that the tabs should be hidden in this case. For all other cases mentioned in this post so far though, I can see why it should be either visible all the time or optionally visible.

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We have an open issue for this on our Github here:

I’ve added this thread to the Github issue for the developers to review.


*I agree, I use Brave as exclusively as possible. We don’t use cable or TV local antenna, and we just watch using a internet browser. So regardless if its Netflix, AmazonPrime, or Youtube films, we cant use Brave for full screen. And I dont want to have to switch between browsers, nor do I want everyone else in the home doing that.

It would make sense to keep users on Brave to make the vertical tabs that I love, functional to full screen. The name itself implies full, and so far it, is not.

**I also really like being able to tell more clearly the groups vs the tabs, and the way the Horizontal tabs have a color tab filled in is great and easy to recognize. On the vertical tabs, its just the text that is color with a tiny bit of the group color at the edge. its not very easy to distinguish and jump in between groups. Maybe a hover over can highlight the Group? This too would be a improvement. Any customization and visual options is a welcome feature to the vertical tabs. Maybe the amount one can reveal the slide out, vs having it be a Pop-out vs docked , maybe some options.

***Also, I notice I do NOT have the search option on the vertical tabs using the latest Brave on latest Windows 11.

Hi - my use case is the inverse of all this. I use my browser for (wait for it) browsing the internet - I use a television for watching TV - who knew.

It is amazingly annoying that I cannot use the vertical tab bar in full screen mode on my silicon Mac running Sonoma.

Perhaps we could have a couple of options here to accommodate people without TVs and people using Brave to do their jobs.

Note: By full screen mode I mean Brave window in full screen, not Netflix tab in full screen which makes sense to hide the tab bar.


Exactly, I really liked this item too… This was one of the main reasons for me to use Brave! Unfortunately, it has changed in the new update… Can you help me to make the vertical tab bar visible again in full screen mode?