Version 1.12 112

Hello everyone,

Do I have to update our brave browser to benefit from the reward system (V 1.12 112)?

actual version : V.1.11 101


I like 1.12 version too!i want to use this véion!

Thanks for your reply. I realized that it was no longer possible to save the wallet, is this the case for you too?


With version 1.12 112, if I reinstall windows, I will lose my wallet. I have to recreate a new wallet?


It is really not necessary and I do not recommend the new version since it does not send you ads and does not fix the problem of withdrawals I thank you that I have a virtual machine I can return to the previous version and the ads still arrive without problems

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Backup your wallet using Backup Key option. After reinstalling Windows 10 you can restore your wallet. No loss of BAT.

key option ? where can I find this option? thks again

I highly recommend you update your browser. At the bare minimum, you’re getting the latest security updates that keep you and your data safe which is enough to warrant the update.

The backup/restore functionality is currently not working because of the way we handled grants/virtual grants initially. We’re working on ways to provide better backup options for users but until then, the best way to ensure that your BAT is safe is to verify your wallet w/Uphold.

thank you Mattches :slightly_smiling_face: