BAT Missing after Wallet Restore

I updated Browser today to 1.11.97 and saved a back up of my wallet. I reset my entire PC (deleted all apps and files) and re-installed the Browser and restored my back up wallet. My pending rewards have been saved as well as my Auto-contribute settings, but my Monthly Contributions have been erased, along with my statement history.

After earning .1 BAT from an ad, I downloaded the Beta browser, version 1.12.91, which I am now using, and tried to restore the new wallet, and it was not able to recover the .1 BAT I just earned in the estimated earnings.

I’ve taken a look at my Rewards Internals and it says I created my wallet today. There must be an issue when the Wallet is first created when a user visits the Brave Rewards section after a clean install. I recommend we remove this feature and allow users to Restore their wallets immediately instead.

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