AutoUpdate 1.22.66

Hello together,

my Bave-Browser don’t update automatically (Win10 64x)… I see a new post from @steeven today for a Update.

My Browser says i have the newest version of Brave-Browser but its not true!

I tried to download and install the newest version but its not work. I have allways the same Version 1.21.77… I will not de(re)install Brave cause im scared to lost all my BAT’s on the Browser…

What can i do??

@AlperOzer I noticed that announcement, too, and I’m experiencing the same as you - I have 1.21.77 and it keeps coming back stating it’s fully updated.

If you go to Github, there are instructions for each OS to update to 1.22.66. When you drop down to Windows it states that it will fetch and install from the update servers, but it doesn’t seem to be doing so at this time.

I just updated my browser successfully, @AlperOzer

@AlperOzer have you tried going to brave://settings/safetyCheck? do a check and the browser should detect there is a new version and will attempt to update, make sure there isn’t other tabs or programs open when you do it (in my case it always give me an error if I try it with other taps open)

I just updated my browser some hours ago using this method.

Hello, Unable to find the Brave-beta version v1.22.66 ???

@paramjeetdhiman you should download Stable 1.22.67

yeah its okay @gmacar but there is an issue I am using brave-beta and if i download stable version it will not update my beta version it will install new brave browser (release)

Friend, yesterday the same thing happened to me, just at this moment I went to check the Brave information in the browser and now if it gave me the option to update, I made the disconnection and connection of Uphold and the payment was automatic, I think you should wait .

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