Verifying shopify store


I’m trying to add Brave Payments to my shopify store but struggling with the 2 verification methods.

The first method to ‘download the verification file and upload it to the ’ .well-known ’ folder on your domain (create the folder if you don’t have one).’ Where should I upload the file on shopify? I don’t know where to upload this and how to create a .well-known folder.

The second method to Edit DNS records. For this you need to add a TXT record on the root domain. I tried doing this a few days ago and it hasn’t worked. I went on ‘Domains’ under Online Store, clicked Manage on the domain, clicked DNS setting after that and added a custom record. I didn’t know what name to give it so I left it as TXT and copy pasted the TXT value Brave gave me. It hasn’t worked though. It says 'your website was not verified because we could not find the token in any of the TXT records. Please add this TXT entry to your DNS records:

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Hi infernox,

DNS would be the way to go in this case. Can you PM me the URL of your site, as well as the email address you use to login to Rewards?


The name/host should be @ or
Hope that help.



Thanks for the help. I already have a different TXT record with the name @ so I’ll try my website’s name to see if it works.


I tried (replacing it with mydomain with my website) as the TXT name but it hasn’t worked so far. I’ve not changed it to @. It still doesn’t verify but I’ll try again later in the day to see if it does. I’ve PM’d you @Asad and await your reply.


Hi guys,

Using @ as the TXT name worked. Thank you so much @eljuno .


Oh awesome! Glad you got it working. Thank you very much @eljuno


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