Can't verify my website

Hello, I’ve tried many times to verify my website, but seems there’s no way I could get it verified: I placed the required .well-known folder with the TXT file into the public area of my website, but the system keeps on replying it can’t find the file… moreover, also tried the other option to verify my website, but seems like Wix doens’t give the permission to do so.
Please, is there any other way to verify my website? What else could I do to get verified?
Thank You!

Hi @roxanne

Quick test: can you load in your browser

Replace with your actual domain.

If the file displays, you know you’ve done it right.

That’s the first thing I’d check.


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Hello and thank You for reply.
I already put the file correctly there, but when I try to verify my website, the system keeps on replying that it can’t find my Txt file… that’s why I don’t know which other way I could verify my website…

Sorry, you’re not understanding my reply. I am not asking if you placed the file there. I am asking if you can visit the file in your browser via the link as per my first comment.


@roxanne can you try with DNS record method instead? It’s easier, IMHO. Because verifying via file upload sometimes can be “tricky” with permission/s etc.

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Well, I’d like to do that, but my website has been created using Wix platform and I read in their FAQs that they don’t allow to place any Txt file in my domain. So, is there a way for me to verify my website with Brave browser? How could I use the DNS method? Thanks a lot for Your interest and reply.

Please refer to my first question. That’s the first step to determining the problem.

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