Need help verifying website ownership. what do i name the new txt record?

won’t accept my address. And if I use @, Brave doesn’t verify it.

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Hi @jmbsol,
Can you edit your post and provide more info about what you trying to do? “One-liner” title make it hard for support.

But I assumed you’re trying to do verification using DNS method. The name/host should be @ or

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Hi, yes, trying to verify using DNS. My domain is at It won’t allow me to add my address. I can type it in but the “Submtit” button for adding DNS record will not highlight. It will highlight if I put in an @–but I tried that before and Brave still would not verify it. Totally lost as to how to get it connected. And I have no idea how to add a ‘.well-known’ folder. I tried to research it but, really not sure.

any ideas? anyone? i’ve tried setting the name to @. Tried setting it to *. It won’t let me set name to web address. Would really like to get my site connected. Surprised that it’s so difficult to do

Apologize for late response. From where did you know that it’s still not verified? Any screenshot of the message will be really helpful.

Like I said above, DNS record name should be @ or

For well-known verification

Okay, thanks. I was finally able to get it verified, but when I go to my site in Brave, it still says “This user has not verified with Brave rewards. They will receive your tip when they do.” I verified about 12 hours ago. Maybe it takes time to catch up??? Also, I know someone has tipped me, and I’ve been referring people to Brave, but so far nothing shows up on the rewards page for tips or downloads

Actually I just checked my Youtube via Brave and it says the same thing–“user hasn’t yet signed up.” That’s ridiculous. I connected my Youtube to Brave nearly a month ago. This is very disappointing. I want to support Brave, but it’s hard to recommend it to people when it’s not even working

For now, it may takes ~48hours before it updated on your Brave (when Brave fetch the latest publishers list).

Contribution may take 7-10 days before reflected on your publishers dashboard.

IIRC we’ve an issue logged for this where Brave not show the veried status correctly. It’s only affects some users, so it may shown properly for others. cc @kamil @Mattches for link. I can’t found the logged issue :sweat_smile:.

You can check it using Brave on different computer.

@eljuno, this one?

I read through the above thread which was closed due to supposedly being resolved, but I still have the problem even with v. 59.35. ONe of my channels verified two weeks ago still listed as not verified. The other I just verfied about 20 hours ago so will wait til 48 hours to see

48 hours and my “Verified” website is not listed as verified either. Very frustrating to spend all that time figuring how to get my website linked only for the verfication process to fail anyway… No help from Brave customer support.

Hi @jmbsol,

Like I said above, it’s only affects some users, so it may shown properly for others (Brave not show verified status correctly). cc @Asad in case he know something about this.

@Mattches, not really sure about the linked issue. IIRC, I saw other (different) issue about it.

I suppose i spoke too soon re: 48 hours and website. Just checked and it’s now showing as verified. However, Youtube channel which I verfied over two weeks ago still shows not verified. Should I try unlinking and relinking it? or follow some instructions in the above included thread, where it’s suggested to delete some files in library. I dunno. Im sure you can tell im not a tech person. Just grasping at straws

Hi @jmbsol, can you PM me or link your YouTube channel here? I’ll be able to check.

Can you also verify the following for me:

When you go to your YT channel, does the tipping panel literally say that is not verified? OR, does it simply not display the tipping options at all, but only a “Rewards Summary”?


Hi, I unlinked and re-linked Youtube last night. So far, still not showing verified, but it’s not been but 20 hours so far. Yes, it says “this user has not yet verified…” For me anyway. I only have one computer to check from. I’m not really using the channel much atm, so I’m much less frustrated by it not being verified. The website matters, more but FYI:

Right now I"m more concerned with why the tip someone gave me 10 days or more ago still doesn’t show anywhere. How often does the browser check for publisher verification updates to send tips that were being held prior? I’m assuming tips will show in the “pending” section on the Rewards page.

On your channel page, it shows unverified; but once I go to one of your videos, you immediately pop up as verified for me. For example: Will have engineers on this chime in once the week starts (tomorrow/later today).

Right now I"m more concerned with why the tip someone gave me 10 days or more ago still doesn’t show anywhere. How often does the browser check for publisher verification updates to send tips that were being held prior? I’m assuming tips will show in the “pending” section on the Rewards page.

One of our publisher team engineers will be looking into this for you. They’ll be able to check whether there are some pending tips for you, and why they aren’t displaying in the dashboard yet.

Will update when I hear more, thanks.

any update on this? I’ve not had any tips show up (im only aware of one that someone mentioned weeks ago).

I was however, able to successfully tip someone, though it was a somewhat glitchy experience. The tip seemed to work fine, but when I opened my computer next morning there was a box that said something like “There was a problem with the tip svc” (paraphrasing). But in any case, it did deduct from my account, and now it is showing as a tip given to x website, so it appears it went through.

The reason why your channel shows as verified on a video, but unverified on the channel page, is due to the ?viewas=subscriber string appended at the end of the URL. We’ve identified this bug and solved it, so the fix will be making its way into one of the very next releases.

For the user who tipped to you more than 10 days ago, do you know if they tipped to you while you were “verified” from their perspective? If they tried tipping to you even though you were still unverified from their perspective, the browser sets the tip aside and tries at some much later date. That is, the attempted tips will get built up here:

Tips should have showed up in the dashboard, though, since there was apparently a script that did not run that wasn’t updating the tips in the publisher dashboard. But it’s since been run, so tips should have been updated. I will ask the engineers if everything continues to be correct on this front.

That said, fortunately, we are rolling out an update that will let tips essentially show up immediately in the dashboard. It was merged 4 days ago into the publisher app codebase. Only a few more things before it is ultimately deployed and live.

Thanks for the reply. How often does the browser check to see if a publisher has gotten verfied since you tipped them (and you now have a pending tip waiting for them?) You seemed to indicate it can be a while.
Anyway, today I tipped myself some to see what happens, since I’ve been verified for a while now. So far, nothing has shown up on dashboard. Not sure if self tipping works or not, but anyway…FWIW

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