Verify link doesn't respond when I click on it. Can't verify wallet

I just reached my 25 BAT minimum but when I went to verify my wallet to transfer the funds out the link doesnt work and no pop ups or anything happens when I click on the link. I also tried restarting my device to no success. Hope someone can help thanks!

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Hi @BrandonSik, are you iOS?,our%20desktop%20and%20Android%20browsers.
Or Android, but you tagged the post incorrectly?

Hi saereV thanks for your response. Yes I am iOS. Is there still a wait to retrieve what I currently have?

Hi, @BrandonSik, yes there is, I believe. :slight_smile:

Please go here and read the entire thread (this link is the latest post to it):

Read it and follow the instructions. You should be good to go when it gets sorted. :crossed_fingers:

If you’re on iOS you should’t see a Verify option at all. Are you referring to something else?