Verify link doesn't respond when I click on it. Can't verify wallet

I just reached my 25 BAT minimum but when I went to verify my wallet to transfer the funds out the link doesnt work and no pop ups or anything happens when I click on the link. I also tried restarting my device to no success. Hope someone can help thanks!


Hi @BrandonSik, are you iOS?,our%20desktop%20and%20Android%20browsers.
Or Android, but you tagged the post incorrectly?

Hi saereV thanks for your response. Yes I am iOS. Is there still a wait to retrieve what I currently have?

Hi, @BrandonSik, yes there is, I believe. :slight_smile:

Please go here and read the entire thread (this link is the latest post to it):

Read it and follow the instructions. You should be good to go when it gets sorted. :crossed_fingers:

If you’re on iOS you should’t see a Verify option at all. Are you referring to something else?

Thanks saereV will try it out!

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Hi Mattches, I am on a Macbook ai. When I go into the Rewards setting I see the “verify wallet” option but when I click on it nothing happens after many tries. Is this something you have any insight on? Would appreciate your support thanks!

Are you currently located in New York by chance?

Yes I am in New York currently @Mattches

Thank you for confirming. So the reason you can’t verify is due to NY state restrictions on Uphold transactions. I know that they are working on ways around this, but as it stands with those restrictions, you will not be able to verify your wallet w/Uphold.

You’re also seeing an additional issue, because even though you wouldn’t be able to verify, the button should be responsive either way. I’ve logged this issue here:

Thanks! So based on my situation is there any way I can obtain the BAT that is currently in my browser that I earned from ads?

So in a couple weeks or so, we’ll be implementing Gemini user wallet verification. So you can verify your wallet with Gemini rather than Uphold and withdraw earned funds this way, even in NY.


Thats awesome to hear, thanks @Mattches for your inputs on this matter throughout appreciate it and looking forward to the update!


You’re very welcome.