Verify wallet won't work refreshed checked permissions and updates not working Andriod

I have over 25 BAT tokens in my uphold however the brave still won’t verify ive check updates all fine and permissions so frustrating just don’t know where to go from here

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That is because we have a specific update required for this that is currently held up by Apple app store approval I believe. Wallet Verification is planned for iOS and we hope to have it out as soon as possible.

We appreciate your patience.

Hello @Magicanist,

You’ll need 25 BAT in your brave:rewards wallet before it’s clickable.


Hi I’m using Android?? Not iOS

I have it in my uphold acc which I’m told is linked into brave yes?

You posted your issue initially with the iOS tag, so I assumed that’s the device/OS you were using.

So can you elaborate more on what happens when you tap the Verify wallet option in your Rewards panel?

I have a similar issue. When I press the triangle in my brave android browser, I have to verify the wallet, however when I do this, it says I have to have a minimum of 25 BAT to be able to verify. But there is no way to add 25 BAT in this way, and I can’t connect to my uphold wallet.
How do I fix this?

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Hello @T4NK

keep watching ads till you get the 25 bat

hope that help and have a nice day

Ahhh ok. I was under the impression I had to deposit a minimum of 25 bat my self.

you welcome :slight_smile:

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Need more information from OP.
@Magicanist please open a new topic if this is still an issue.