Cant Verify Wallet

i have had an uphold account verified with brave for months now, but now on my macbook, when i click “Verify Wallet” it takes me to Uphold page to authorize it, then goes back to Brave Rewards page and nothing happenes, it’s still telling me to verify wallet… Im doing the same thing on PC and it works just fine.
Could the problem be in M1 arm version of Brave?

I recorded my screen with that issue happening, but it wont let me upload it since im a new user on this platform.

please help, and thank you.


I got a new device and now Brave wont verify my uphold wallet either. It has me log in to Uphold and authenticate but then remains unverified.

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So i figured out that Ive reached my device limit, so i went ahead and disconnected brave on my other devices, but I still cant verify it on my new device

It’s a problem that has been reported many times now, we had an official answer from one of the mods who told us they were developing a tool to disconnect accounts from our wallets, but that seems like a temporary answer, and it was 18d ago, and we haven’t heard anything but “We should have this soon” from then. You’re not the only one, I am also experiencing this issue! Keep faith, there is nothing we can do but to report the problem as many times as possible to make them understand it’s a huge issue.

Download the app on your app store once you do that create a global ID you should have no problems as soon as you create a global ID have you tried that

Hi @MarkBars, please DM me the wallet ID linked to your device.