My website is Showing as verified in my brave publisher account in dashboard but when i am looking up using triangular brave symbol my website is not showing as Verified brave publisher

in my brave publisher account i had added youtube channel and an website but now when i am looking using triangular symbol given my youtube channel shows as verified brave publisher but for my website it is not showing as verified brave publisher even though i had received the email stating that my website had been verified still it is not showing up as an verified brave publisher
i had added my both youtube and website on 6 odd months ago


Hi @RGhadamian,
It may take a while before it’s updated on your end. Can you try with Brave on other computer and see if it’s already show the checkmark?


No it is not working, tried on my work computer and nothing

Exactly, having the same issue! My channel is marked as under name “youtube” and shows as unverified!
Guess this is system-wide issue!

cc @Asad for confirmation

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Hey everyone, please PM me the email address you use to login to Rewards and I can take a look. Sorry you’re having these issues!

please check your inbox @Asad

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In general, it can take 24 hours for these sorts of changes to post to the browser. How recently did you all verify?

hey I also have the same problem, I’ve been almost a week and appears without checking my channel

I have been verified for a month!

So, looks like this is a known bug at the moment: Looks like it can be fixed if you leave the panel open for awhile.

We’re certainly working on patching this but it’s just a bug in the Rewards display. If your site is verified on the publishers dashboard, you’re still good to go.

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