Getting publisher website verified

I completed the verification process for my website that I want verified and got a confirmation email saying it’s verified but when I visit the website on my Brave browser it does not specify that my website is verified and users can send tips. Is it verified and it just takes some time till it will show that it is verified?

You can hit the Refresh button if you click Rewards triangle icon. Usually, it’ll take +48 hours for your local browser to get the updated list. You can check too. Should have your channel listed there.

Thanks it shows up as being verified. Guess it just takes awhile. How do I configure my account to receive contributions from Brave Users?

This question confused me. :sweat_smile:
Verifying your channel on and have a verified wallet connected is a way to configure your (creator) account. Or you mean anything else?

You have to verify the wallet as well?

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