Verified Gemini, never received BAT


  1. To have Brave investigate and see if they’ll be willing to remove the flag, you will need to create a Rewards Support Ticket

  2. If I’m understanding properly and you’re saying flagged on multiple profiles, then it might stand to reason there’s an issue you may want to figure out. Unfortunately, Brave’s policy is not to say what got you flagged, so there will be no help there.

In regards to #2, not sure if any of this might apply to you, but figure I can give some ideas to things that at least CONTRIBUTE to being flagged.

  • VPN using region other than one you’re in. So if you’re in Haiti and VPN showing you’re in United States, it can create conflict and raise suspicion.

  • Using automation/macros. If it detects anything like that, which it sees as using to “game the system” then it can raise suspicion.

  • Using Brave on a VM or custom OS. Honestly, not allowed and won’t process payments. Can lead to getting flagged.

  • Trying to modify Brave files, especially anything believed to belong to Rewards.

  • Duplicating profiles across multiple devices, especially if trying to do so to bypass restrictions or attempt to fool the system into making the same payment multiple times

  • Setting up a BAT farm. If you’re setting up tons of devices you’re not genuinely using, just all to earn BAT, it’ll eventually be recognized and result in you being flagged on one or more (maybe even all) devices.

There’s more things than that, but those have been the more common things people do that seems to lead to them getting flagged.

VPN itself is not enough to be flagged, but when combined with other things it will. This is why I made sure to put contribute in all caps, because it’s important you realize it just contributes to it but isn’t an offense in itself. All of these things, it’s looking for logic and normal usage. Anything that is beyond what is “average” and appears to be at a disadvantage, it will flag you for suspension/review.