Account flagged. Gemini session was closed and not possible to reconnect

Briefly describe your issue:

Gemini session was closed in Brave Browser. Requested login again to see how many BATS are available in my Exchange, and after that a message appeared that my account was flagged.

The problem is that my country is Spain, and I cannot connect my wallet to Gemini anymore because it is not a supported country.

What Operating System and Brave version are you using (Menu --> About Brave)?

Windows 10 and Brave 1.47.171

Is your Brave Rewards Profile currently verified? (yes/no)

Yes. It was verified with Gemini.

What date did you connect a your Brave Rewards Profile?

It was around January 2022.

Have you been able to successfully receive payments in the past?

Yes. BATS have been collecting for almost 1 year.

Are you using a VPN? (yes/no)

Yes. Maybe I was connected to a VPN when the issue happened. Nevertheless, I was connected to some customers that are located also in Spain.

Are you in a supported region (see here for list of supported regions)?

No. Spain was a supported country, but not now. Therefore, I cannot reconnect my wallet to Gemini.

See event records for more information:

You can try to issue an appeal to Brave Support using the form below.
However, if they have evidence that you violated the terms and conditions, be prepared to have your request denied.


Hi @rodrige

Thanks. I will contact them.

One question. How could I know the Rewards payment ID if my account is flagged?

If I access to the link, it seems that the payment ID now is the Brave Wallet, and not my Gemini one.

Is it the one with the red square?

Best regards,

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I have just opened a ticket to check my flag account.

I have one question. If my account is flagged, it is supposed I will not get BAT payments. However, could estimated earnings be increasing meanwhile my profile is reviewed?

Thanks for your help.

Best regards

Hola, buenas noches, te comento pues, si no puedes usar la cuenta de gémini usa la de uphold y que los manden a esa ¿no?

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Hola David,

Empecé con Gemini, y por ahora quiero esperar a que se resuelva el problema de España como país no soportado.

No me gustaría tener los BATs distribuidos tanto en Gemini como en Uphold.

Espero que esta situación de “flagged” se resuelve pronto. Mientras tanto, sigo esperando respuesta de soporte.


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Hola, buenas @dalanz pues te cuento mi situación: yo empecé con Uphold, ahora estoy en gémini pillado xd porque tengo un navegador asociado a la cuenta de gémini, veremos a ver como acaba la cosa jajaja ¿cada cierto tiempo tengo que verificar el navegador no en gémini verdad?

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Yes. You need to enter the one highlighted.


Nope. You won’t get any ads if a profile is flagged. Therefore no earnings. And won’t be able to connect to Custodian.



I opened a ticket, but I do not know if I can fix my problem.

This is what happened:

  1. Wallet connected to Gemini for more than 1 year
  2. Gemini session disconnected and ask to re-login
  3. Error account flagged when re-login
  4. Gemini connection button disable because my country is not supported
  5. Opened a ticket and said my id payment is not flagged
  6. Unable to reconnect to Gemini

Is not possible to reconnect?

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There’s gonna be an upcoming flag in the next update hopefully.
It’s ‘Enable custodial Partner buttons’ or something. It’s there in Nightly and Beta and enables Uphold / Gemini buttons for unsupported region. Wait for it till then.
I’m from India and have same issue on my laptop disconnected from Gemini.


To be honest with you, I would rather move to Uphold. There are many bad news in the media about Gemini liquidity. It may be the next to bankrupt after its partner Genisis.
And maybe start with a new fresh profile and try to connect it to Uphold to see if it is successful.


That’s nice to hear. I will wait for it.

Moving to uphold would be a solution. However, sending the BATs from Gemini to Uphold could be a high fee.

Let’s see if there are new partners. This is very important for countries not located in The US.

It would be nice to be integrated with Revolut.

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Yeah. Would be helpful if we email / suggest the wallets / exchanges to partner with Brave from our end as well.

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what I normally do is that I be on the transaction page for a few mins till the fee drops to around 3 or 4 bats. The fees refresh every 30 seconds. Most cases it works but if a day where fees are gonna be high throughout, then nothing you can do.

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I have just opened an Uphold account just in case to have another exchange to deposit BATs.

The following error appeared when connecting the wallet:

It says something like Uphold account with limit features.

Could it be because the account is new and need some days to connect?

Just in case I sent 0,1 € from my bank account to link. Maybe that could be the reason the account is not ready.

Any idea?

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You need to follow steps at

Thank you.

After sending money and withdraw it, the connection between Uphold and Brave was successful.

One thing. I had 2 BATs in my local wallet, and after linking, I got only 0,75 BATs. What happened with the other ones?

Wait until 24 hours. Sometimes it takes some time for it to fully transfer. Do let us know what happens so if needed we can do the further step if you don’t receive it.

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