Verified Gemini, never received BAT

Verified Gemini, never received BAT (3 months) disconnected, can’t reconnect Gemini says that my brave rewards are flagged. only thing I can think is I tried to connect on public release version and it errors Ed and froze on updating verification. i successfully connected on the beta version and have never received a single BAT transaction to my Gemini account. so I disconnected it to redo the connection and see if that resolved the problem. when trying to reconnect it says that my brave rewards are flagged and I cannot proceed. please help this is frustrating.


  1. To have Brave investigate and see if they’ll be willing to remove the flag, you will need to create a Rewards Support Ticket

  2. If I’m understanding properly and you’re saying flagged on multiple profiles, then it might stand to reason there’s an issue you may want to figure out. Unfortunately, Brave’s policy is not to say what got you flagged, so there will be no help there.

In regards to #2, not sure if any of this might apply to you, but figure I can give some ideas to things that at least CONTRIBUTE to being flagged.

  • VPN using region other than one you’re in. So if you’re in Haiti and VPN showing you’re in United States, it can create conflict and raise suspicion.

  • Using automation/macros. If it detects anything like that, which it sees as using to “game the system” then it can raise suspicion.

  • Using Brave on a VM or custom OS. Honestly, not allowed and won’t process payments. Can lead to getting flagged.

  • Trying to modify Brave files, especially anything believed to belong to Rewards.

  • Duplicating profiles across multiple devices, especially if trying to do so to bypass restrictions or attempt to fool the system into making the same payment multiple times

  • Setting up a BAT farm. If you’re setting up tons of devices you’re not genuinely using, just all to earn BAT, it’ll eventually be recognized and result in you being flagged on one or more (maybe even all) devices.

There’s more things than that, but those have been the more common things people do that seems to lead to them getting flagged.

VPN itself is not enough to be flagged, but when combined with other things it will. This is why I made sure to put contribute in all caps, because it’s important you realize it just contributes to it but isn’t an offense in itself. All of these things, it’s looking for logic and normal usage. Anything that is beyond what is “average” and appears to be at a disadvantage, it will flag you for suspension/review.

Thanks for deeper dive into some of the things that are commonly flagged.

My situation is a bit different.

Set up brave on win 11 gaming pc. Everything imported from chrome, edge etc without issue. Rewards were set up, and my brave wallet (extension) was also setup accordingly. When I went to link my Gemini account through the browser “verification” method, it stuck on the screen that overlays (opaques) the rewards landing page with the verification widget in the foreground basically spinning. Like old school hourglass think, spin, think, spin, in perpetuity. It still to this day 4 months later is stuck in that phase when you go to that page in the browser settings.

Opened a ticket and sent to brave, no reply.

Fast forward, a link popped up to download the beta browser for all intensive purposes. I downloaded, curious what was new and different, and proceeded to configure to my personal liking/settings. Here I was able to successfully link my Gemini account through the widget provided. The first month went by and I kept seeing “we’re gonna pay you soon, blah blah” then once it was no longer indicating a promise, I looked and no BAT in .Gemini. Month two no BAT in Gemini, month three- no BAT in Gemini.

I go and disconnect API to Gemini through rewards page in browser ti reconnect, and see if that resolved the issue. Disconnected just fine, but when I add it back through the verification, I get the flagged response that everyone seems to have affection for. I get all the way to confirming Gemini login with one time OTP, and that’s when I get the flagged response.

I’m showing a little bat earned this month, and I know I earned some last month, not much, but it’s the frustrating parts that that really irks me.

Better explanation?

Best Regards,
Jeffrey Campbell

I appreciate your reply, but I followed up with them more specific information, and I have not received a reply from anyone, nor any other direction that may lead to a resolution. This is still an issue and has never been resolved. I have submitted information directly to brave with no response, and no reply, I’m starting to see a pattern here.

Via email? And you’ve been looking for response there, even double checking spam/junk folders?

Also, what’s your ticket number?

For real? As much detailed information as I provided and you don’t think that I check my email? Really? Yes I check it multiple times a day.
As a matter of fact, the reason why I’m replying to your post today is because I received an email from the forum alerting me that my topic was about to close because there has not been any action in over 30 days.

No I have not received a response. Just for shits and giggles. Let’s reiterate it’s been almost 4 months running. Just keep that in perspective.

Yes, for real. I was asking if you submitted information directly to Brave via email or how you had responded. I also was verifying you’ve been checking email and not assuming would get responses here on Brave Community.

I don’t know about you, but I’m not a mind reader. And the old saying about when you assume, I like to always slow down to ask. Not sure why you decide to get aggressive on it.

I know you’re frustrated, but I’m seriously sitting here trying to help. I asked for the ticket number because when Support sees this or I’m able to talk to someone, they can try to reference your case instead of delaying to contact and ask you for information at that point.

I also know you said:

If I were to make assumptions, this would make it seem someone from Brave did reach out to you and asked for more information. But again, I have no idea which method, as they could have DMed you here, though it’s more likely it was via email. So then it would kind of be the next question to find out when this happened. If they contacted right before the holidays, then you’d know they had vacations and just got back this past week.

You kind of see where this information comes in handy, right?

The difference between I followed up and they follow that is differentiator here. No, they did not follow up, I followed up. I sent a help request back in October when I did not receive my brave rewards for the month, even though it said that they were Ready, they never credited to my gemini account. I sent the t troubleshooting request directly from the browser landing page contact us stating that I was having problems with rewards. It was not a help request from the support site.

Best Regards,
Jeffrey Campbell

Hi @jcamp06e

If you have already submitted a ticket to our Support Form, could you kindly share the ticket number in this thread and I can take a look.


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