Verified creator not showing

Hey, i can see only on Youtube as verified creator, but on other channels like
Twitter, Twitch, Vimeo, Reddit still shows as unverified.
What i tried?
Clear cache, nightly version, another device.
No errors in creator dashboard, no errors in custodian dashboard.

It s more than 48h, but what made me to open this topic is that Youtube channel was showing as verified immediately after i linked the channel.
Is there any extra step that i should take for each of the channels to show as verified?

Umm. Most likely will need to raise a ticket at

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@Michael-Alexander can you submit a ticket through the link @SmartyAadi has provided ad share your ticket #ID. From there I can take a closer look at your case.


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Filled a ticket, but weird is that i couldn t see anywhere a ticket number.
Only the green popup with message “your request has been successfully sent”. Checked my mail, and there is no confirmation (don t know if there supposed to be one after you fill a ticket.)
Thank you!

Yea, you should get a ticket number in your submitted email inbox. Check your spam too.

@SaltyBanana @SmartyAadi , i didn t received any confirmation email after i submitted again(hope i am not spamming myself the devs now), but still there is no email (spam neither).
This i what i get

Top right corner, the lightgreen popup.
Thats the only confirmation, it may be a bug?

dont know. @SaltyBanana any possibility of this being solved on DM if OP isn’t able to get ticket number ?

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@Michael-Alexander received your ticket. Looking into your issue now.

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@Michael-Alexander Everything looks good on our end and your sites are appearing as verified. Can you confirm?

Weird… still not showing as verified, refreshed, cleared cookies.
only youtube is verified, other 4 channels still

@SaltyBanana , maybe i will have to try using another device?

@Michael-Alexander is that device running the latest version of Brave?
Could you try Brave Release or Beta?

@SaltyBanana Yes, in Brave Beta, as unverified user when i go to my verified channel, it shows that i have visited 1 visitor that is partnered with Brave(understandable as verified ) here image

After i signed in as verified user, and go to the channel, the icon still shows as unverified, here image

Solved 50% i would say lol. I will try in nightly now.

Creator support tickets do not send any ticket number back.

Now, it seems that i have one, after i have received an email from support.(Alfredo).

I will post the solution once i/someone else will find it.

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I think they do. I don’t know lol. @SaltyBanana is that so?

Hi @Michael-Alexander what happens when you click the refresh icon next to Unverified creator?
If it still says Unverified, could you try disconnecting and reconnecting your custodial account. Give it a couple minutes to maybe 1hr for it to update in our system.
Do let me know if you are still having issues.

I wonder if this issue is on for Android devices @SmartyAadi or @rodrige are either of you seeing this on android?

Yep seems so.
Looks unverified for twitch and Reddit whereas Youtube channel is verified creator.


Thanks for checking @SmartyAadi

@Michael-Alexander I’ll bring this to the attention of our team.

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Thank you @SaltyBanana @SmartyAadi for the assistance !

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Hi @Michael-Alexander

Wanted to provide an update here.

For clarification, at this moment you won’t be able to see Twitch accounts as verified on Android as it is not supported and if you’re on your Youtube channel it will only detect when you’re on a video not your channel homepage. This is something we are considering in the future.
However, I can confirm on desktop your channels are all good and appear verified.