Verified creator not showing

Thank you!
Extra question, if appears as unverified where will be the tips going? in case someone is tipping after i provide them notice about OS functions.

Hi @Michael-Alexander

If they are on your Twitch homepage while on Android and they tried to tip, they would not be able to send a tip as your Tipping Banner will say you are unverified.
However, if they would like to support your content on Twitch it would best advised for them to tip through desktop.

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Hey @SaltyBanana or @SmartyAadi , wanted to add something here related to this topic.
Avoiding to open new one, here is the question :

How up to date is the mentioned link?

Since i can t find myself in the search bar, even if i use name/tag on any verified channel.
Thank you!

EDIT 16/04/2023

Twitter/Vimeo/Youtube nickname can be seen in results in search query, of the page where @SmartyAadi redirected me->

I don’t know. @SaltyBanana might be off for the weekend since the team generally works only weekdays. Thanks.

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