Brave creator youtube problem

Hi guys, I’m a verify creator on youtube and I see my blue check when I go to youtube on my browser but when I’m on my phone I don’t see it ? I know as well my friend gave me some bat true my youtube but I dont see it as well on my creator dashboard.

Thanks for your help

Can you share you Youtube channel here so I can check whether or not it comes up as verified on my end?

here :

another question for you my frien use my reffereal links to download brave and i didn’t get pay as well. thank you

You Youtube channel does not come up as verified for me on mobile or desktop. Can you tell me what method you used to verify your site?

@Mattches no I use this site :
than I clic add a channel and I clic youtube channel than I saw a picture of my youtube channel verify

Appears as verified on my end @thefrenchees.

Thanks that is weird cause on mine is still not showing :frowning:

I am having the same issue. I am able to see channel verified on mac, but mobile (iOS and android) not showing verified. It has been a week since it showed as verified on mac.

Same here Domain verified in december 2019. Now marked as unverified in last Android Brave stable release.

I also just updated brave, yesterday, still having the same problem.

Hi everyone.
I have the same issue, i can’t send my BAT rewards from brave app mobile to my verified YouTube Channel.
All sites and YouTube Channels are not verified.

Seems like related to this An update regarding verification status on mobile devices

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Thanks you for answer! @eljuno

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