Still can't get youtube channel verified, troubleshooting without success :(

I have successfully verified a couple channels through Brave Creators (Reddit and Twitter), but not my YouTube channel. For some reason I’m having issues getting my youtube verified. I have waited several days between attempts, at one point deleted the channel and adding it again to see if that fixed it. I’ve emptied my cache but the problem persists. It has been over a week. Any other steps I should be taking to get my YouTube channel verified? I submitted a support ticket days ago as well without any luck.

Maybe it shows as verified to other people, but not to me? The link is:

Thank you!

Edit: 03/14/2021 - I finally fixed it myself over a month later. For anyone who runs into the same problem, I wanted to share what worked. I logged into creators from my computer and REMOVED my youtube channel. After that, I switched to my phone and logged in from my mobile brave browser and re-added my channel. The next day my channel was finally verified!

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