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So I’ve read several posts on this board and people seem to be having the same issue as I am.

Basically, Brave is telling me that I need to verify my Uphold wallet, however, it is fully verified since December. And yes, I completed all the questioners and uploaded all the documents. My address is also fully written on the Uphold’s platform. I even contacted Uphold and asked whether it’s on their side and they told me that a lot of Brave users have been contacting them with the same exact issue, so it has to be on Brave’s side.

So, I decided to instead try and connect to Gemini. I fully verified my Gemini Wallet, however, once I try to connect it to Brave, I get error messages and it doesn’t even allow me to add it to the browser. I’ll post screen shots for reference.

Has anyone been able to solve this issue? Because not only can I not connect my wallets to the browser, I am also unable to receive rewards for whatever reason. I have contacted the moderators (Matches and Stevens) on here, but am yet to hear from them.

Screenshot 2022-03-28 at 22.52.57


Thank you to Mattches for fixing the issue. <3 It’s all working now.

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@Ziggy Glad your issue was resolved. You should mark your update post as the solution. Helps community members and moderators when browsing topics to know which ones are solved!

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