Unable to verify wallet : Gemini


I created an account in Gemini and verified it and all. However, I am still not able to verify it successfully on Brave. Getting the following error.

Can you please help?


Hello, @ethanhunt372.

This is a known issue and they are working on it.

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Has this been rectified? I am still unable to link Brave to Gemini. I only get uphold as the option

I connected my Gemini account to Brave a couple days ago, everything worked fine. I don´t know why you are still facing that issue.

I am not sure either. I only have uphold as the option.

@celkat Difference is I’m assuming you’re using Android, right? Currently Gemini is not an option for mobile devices. Therefore you’d only have Uphold as an option.

Oh is it? Yes you are right I am using Android.

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