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So I’ve not received any payments from Ads since Jan 2022. In addition to that, I am now getting error messages stating that UK is not a supported region and thus I cannot connect/verify my Uphold wallet.

I’ve not had any similar issues until earlier this year and have posted about it previously, but received no advise on how to solve this issue.

Thank you

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Hi @Ziggy welcome back.

Can you check if your documents and related information on Uphold is the same as the current region you are residing?
If you have not done so already, could you also check in with Uphold if you are required to complete their CDD requirements, this can impact your ability to receive payments from us to your Uphold account.



I’ve done all that quite a few times now and everything is fine on Uphold’s side.

What version of the browser are you currently running?

Version 1.42.97. I usually update it whenever new updates are out.

Just want to clarify why that’s being asked. There’s been people saying they are having a similar issue as yours and they updated their info with Uphold. But later on we find out maybe they initially lived in another country (let’s pretend from India) and moved to another country (let’s pretend the UK). When they first created their account with Uphold, they used their India passport. When they moved, all they did was update their address and all. What happens there is Uphold is content with the information but when the API connects between Uphold and Brave, it sees India passport and kind of assumes India.

So in that, people say they contacted Uphold and everything is fine, but it’s really not. Because of how the systems are set up, Brave has to make sure that your passport/ID that’s been provided to Uphold matches with the region you’re in now. On top of that, you have to make sure that all of your Profile information also would have details completed for UK.

I remember back in March it was telling you to complete your ID verification with Uphold. Mattches helped you, but I’m not sure what he did. Only that you said everything had been connected and working well.

And so now I see you’re saying haven’t been able to do anything since January. So not sure what happened in June and July.

All that said, have you been in the UK the entire time and have UK identification (such as a passport) you provided to Uphold? Or do you have documents for another country that might be involved?

I have mentioned previously that I’ve not lived in any other country other than the UK in the past decade. The address with Uphold, is my UK address and I’ve checked with them numerous times to make sure that all the details entered are correct.

In relation to my comment to Matches, I indeed thought it was sorted and my Uphold verification went through, however, it clearly wasn’t, because I have not received a single penny from Brave since Jan 2022 and my Uphold account was clearly not connected to Brave. I am sorry that people who are busy are not checking their brave payments every day to make sure that they’re receiving the ad money. I believe we should trust that the system in place is functioning enough to allow us to receive automatic payments without having to post numerous threads asking for support.

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@Ziggy thanks for answering @Saoiray 's questions

I didn’t receive a confirmation but were you required to complete the CDD requirements from Uphold earlier this year?
If Uphold states that your region and documents are the same, I would suggest you double check if there might be a possibility you have yet to complete the CDD requirements they implemented eariler in the year.

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I believe I have answered CDD questioner long time ago, however, I’ve once again sent an email to Uphold informing them of this issue. If they once again reply that my account is all good on their end, then it is on Brave’s side I’m afraid.

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I have mentioned previously that I’ve not lived in any other country other than the UK in the past decade. The address with Uphold, is my UK address and I’ve checked with them numerous times to make sure that all the details entered are correct.

I know it might seem redundant to ask but for your government documents submitted to Uphold(passport or residency permit) are they from any other region other than the UK?


No, all documents submitted are UK documents. I just received an email from Uphold representative - Veronica, and I quote: ‘for this issue, we recommend contacting Brave directly’. Once again, they are saying everything is fine on their end. So it’s just a non-ending circle of one side telling to contact the other at this point.

Hi @Ziggy Could you kindly send me a direct message of the email associated with your Uphold account.
From there we can investigate further what might be happening.


Its uphold use gemini i had issues in canada with uphold getting my funds to transfer gemini transfered the funds over as soon as i connect the services

I have the same issue as Ziggy. Since January 2022, I haven’t received any payment from Ads. And I’m getting error messages stating that Slovenia is not a supported region and thus I cannot connect/verify my Uphold wallet. Before January 2022 I have received payment from Ads.

Could this be connected to signing up for Brave video meetings in December 2021, that T was later charged every month without option for canceling?

Well, it’s not a supported region. Go read:

Okay, this is a good time to jump in. Thanks for this information. I see that my region (Nigeria/Africa) is not supported. However, I had been verified with government documentation before this update and was receiving BAT. What happens now - is my verification revoked and do I lose BAT accumulated since 2016?

I have the same problem. May be its because sometimes I use Atlas VPN? I am from Greece and its been two days now I am " unsupported region"

If I understand correctly Slovenia is not supported country since January 2022 and before it was? I’m asking because I received payments last year.

That part doesn’t matter. The idea of unsupported regions is only referring to whether Brave is allowing there to be a connection at this time. You can think of it like they have closed and locked a door while they do some renovation. They are planning to reopen this in the future, but they just don’t know how long it will take to do all of the “remodeling” they are working on. This includes how they are making changes to Rewards, such as how early next year they will have the Rewards card belong as part of Brave Wallet…though you’ll still need to go through an exchange for KYC/AML purposes.

Of course, it’s a bit more complex in that they are working with governments, businesses, and their own servers. So not only is it setting everything up on the computers but is also getting paperwork in order and getting responses from others. It’s not the simple, “flip on a switch” like many people think.

No, anything already in a person’s Uphold or Gemini account remains there. Any new payments will arrive to your browser. Until they fix things, you can’t move it out of the browser except to tip Creators.

And Greece is not one of the supported countries at this time. If you look at the links I provided prior to you commenting, you’d have seen that.