No Wallet, No Rewards, Uninstalling

I have tried for over a year to get verified by Uphold. As this is the only possible option of getting Brave Rewards, I will be uninstalling this browser.

I have submitted on many occasions high-definition photos perfectly cropped, perfectly focused, perfectly perfect, yet it doesn’t get verified. One one page, they tell you you can get rewards in a Brave Wallet, yet on another, they state the Brave Wallet can’t be connected. Which is it? I see no option when trying to connect a wallet, other than Uphold (doesn’t work) and Gemini (doesn’t work).

As per the many other threads I’ve read, this thing feels like a scam.

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I never thought that I’d get publicly scammed by a company that’s affiliated with Mozzila. We can get a good Class Action going against Brave, because they held a public ICO with a roadmap and have failed to deliver on all of it.

Disguisting scammy company,.