I've been trying to resolve Rewards/Wallet Issues since 2018

I’ve tried signing up for Uphold, that was a joke. Uphold locked me out of my account for 2 years. I just signed up for a Gemini account specifically to claim my Brave Rewards, again ,it’s a joke. I’ve tried verifying for almost 2 years now over and over again. When I click the Button that says verify, it takes me a a tab where I select Uphold or Gemini, NEITHER works as an option. I click them and the screen stays put and doesn’t give me anymore options.

Hi @TurthSpeak1ng welcome to Community :smiley:

Can you please DM me your Wallet ID (found at brave://rewards-internals) and send a screenshot or short clip of the error message you are seeing.
From there we can investigate your case further.