Verify Wallets - Was multi connected now just one

Hello, I’m having problems verifying my wallet to connect to Gemini/Uphold.

Previously I had multiple computers connected to my Uphold account. I had three different browsers linked so that they would all send my Brave tokens there.

Then I wanted to switch to Gemini and it caused problems. I disconnected the wallets from Uphold and then the first computer successfully connected to Gemini. Now the other two give me errors when trying to connect Gemini, saying “Your request is still processing. There was an error, try again.” and it never works. I’ve also tried to connect back to Uphold instead, and it works but gives me a pending notification and says “Please complete identity verification in order to start receiving rewards.” Uphold gives me no option to do anything once I try and go and fix this, just goes in a loop of error with nothing to fix.

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