Verbatim or quoted search terms impossible?

(v1.45.114 Linux)
Over a year, and still no progress on this issue? I and others require the capability of grouping multiple search terms. There is no apparent verbatim option in my version. Quotes and plus symbols do nothing. Example of problem: search for tire size 18-10.5x8, obtain calculator result of -66 as well as many results for 18-8.5-8, 18.5-8x10 and other unrelated sizes. Any plans at all to provide this capability?

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This is actually something I keep meaning to reach out to @solso and the Search team about, but then always forget. They don’t seem to use the same methods as other search browsers and it would be nice if they could have something to show how to refine searches, if they have it.

You would think they’d have something at to help understand such things as well. But nope, no help on figuring out how to show “must contain this word” in search.

That said, I did imitate your search, which was 18-10.5x8. While the very first result was the calculator, everything else that showed had to do with tires. Though if I put quotation marks, to have "18-10.5x8" as the search term, then the ONLY result it showed was a calculator, which I found interesting.

ahihi. I also like this. Sometimes I need to calculate a sequence of numbers, the easiest way is to copy and paste it into the brave search engine

Strongly agree, used properly for highly specific searches it can be really, really helpful.