Feedback to brave search

First I would like to say I love this little box that has all the resources for you with same search term


This an image to compare BS with DDG, Google, and Qwant.

  • I feel BS is too wide and spread out with a lot of air gaps with a huge font. I think its better to compact things in least space possible while being legible. the less scrolling to get the info the better. Just look at that distance between the search bar to the first result and compare it to DDG

  • MY personal prefence is adding videos to the search results just adds clutter. Most people are not searching for videos and if they are they will just go to the video tab. I don’t need a video recommendation for each query I look up.

  • I also think that having clickable website title+the url under it adds to the clutter. one or the other will do. You can always hover over title to see the complete URL. All search engines do this I do not know why . Maybe there is a reason. Maybe have the websites domain then the title of the page (Ex. Mugs)

hope feedback helps

You know what, I change my mind about the font size. Somehow the Brave Search results are more legible and easier to spot what you want. I do not know if it is because of the spacing or font size, but in comparison with other search engines its easier to spot the result I want.

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