Various Issues with 'Casting from iPad to Hisense Roku TV

Description of the issues:

  • Brave Browser on iPad occasionally becomes unresponsive when broadcasting videos from in Desktop Mode
  • Videos Playlists from occasionally fail to auto-advance when the tablet screen is turned off
  • Context Menu links frequently fail to respond to a single tap or even multiple taps under Desktop Mode
  • Browser defaults to 720p30 on when using “Auto-Quality” Media Feature
  • 09/12 Addendum: Browser stops broadcasting to TV for seemingly no reason

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Open Brave Browser. Go to in the browser.
    (Clicking the built-in Favorites shortcut also works.)
  2. Open any video playlist with two (2) or more entries and open any video.
  3. Next, begin streaming the video to your Roku TV through either of these methods:
    a. Click the AirPlay icon. Select your Roku TV.
    b1. Click the Screen Mirroring icon. Select your Roku TV.
    (This icon is in the Control Panel accessible by swiping diagonal from the top-right.)
    b2. Press the “Full Screen” button on the video.

Issue 1: Browser Destabilizes while Streaming / 'Casting from

  1. After following the initial instructions, start playing a video.

Issue 2: Playlists Sometimes Don’t Auto-Advance with Screen Off

  1. Make sure there’s a video after the one you’re playing in the playlist.
  2. Turn off the iPad screen. Let the first video play to the end.

Issue 3: Context Menu Links Unresponsive

  1. Tap any button that would open a context menu.
    (The triple dots under a video, the triple dots next to a comment, et cetera.)
  2. Tap any of the links that appear in the menu.

Issue 4: Videos 720p30

  1. With “Auto-Quality” enabled, let the video play normally.

Issue 5: Browser Stops 'Casting

  1. Let the playlist play normally and wait.

Expected result:
Issue 1: The web browser should remain responsible to taps and swipes at all times.
Issue 2: The next video in the playlist should begin playing after the previous one ends.
Issue 3: Context menu links should always be responsive to taps.
Issue 4: The video should play at 720p quality at the highest possible frames-per-second (FPS) rate.
Issue 5: The playlist should continue until interrupted by another video or stopping play.

Brave Version( check About Brave):

  • Version 1.56 (
  • BraveCore 1.56.13 (115.0.5790.136)

Mobile Device details

  • iPad (7th Generation)
  • iPadOS version 16.6.1
    (Also affects previous OS versions.)

Television details

  • Hisense 43-inch Roku TV
  • Software version 12.0.0 (build 4182-94)

Additional Information:
Regarding Issue 1
I’ve had this happen to be more times can I can count. It could happen when I’m waking the device up during a video, or it could happen the instant I start 'casting to my TV. The browser soft-locks on me and I have to force-close and re-open it. It doesn’t even happen with any consistency; I can’t make it happen on-demand. Bizarrely, when this happens while watching a video, the browser continues to 'cast the thing to my TV just fine and even updates the page. The page, itself, just seems to ignore my finger-pokes until I restart.

Regarding Issue 2
A very minor issue that I can usually get around by playing the next video through the “Current Media” prompt on the Lock Screen. It may not always happen, either. Quite confusing.

Regarding Issue 3
This one is especially frustrating. I frequently leave comments while watching videos, but then I notice that I’ve made a typo. I can open the Context Menu just fine, but if I click the Edit button, 95% of the time, it acts like I completely missed the button and closes the context menu. I genuinely don’t understand this. I constantly have to poke it like a woodpecker before it finally gives up and does what it’s supposed to. This occasionally effects other Context Menu links, too, such as “Add to Playlist” or “Delete Video”, but it’s most noticeable with the Edit Comment button.

Regarding Issue 4
When playing videos through the browser, they will play at 50 / 60 FPS where available when the on-site quality is set to Auto, but when specifically clicking “720p”, the video plays at 30 FPS. It doesn’t seem to matter if the browser is in Desktop or Mobile Mode, the same thing happens either way. Honestly, I think this is more of an iPad issue, though, as it affects all browsers I’ve tried. But, since Brave automatically chooses the highest possible quality from the menu, well…

09/12 Edit:
Regarding Issue 5
I’m not sure what the cause of this one could be, but it’s another very minor annoyance. It just kind of drops the AirPlay connection. Reconnecting fixes it, of course, but still.

Personal notes:
Hm. This template is a lot like a GitHub template. But, since this a forum post, I’m merged all the issues I’m having together. Hope that’s okay.

Anyway… I’ve been using Brave Browser since May 20th of 2022. When it works, it works great! I haven’t had to suffer any insufferable YouTube ads since! That part of the browser has never failed me – though, on occasion, I still get those little sidebar ads. I don’t care about that, though. I care about the issues I mentioned. They’ve been a minor distraction of my viewing experience and, with any luck, they can be looked into. I’m sure I’m not the only person this is happening to, and I hope I’m not the first person to report these. (But then, they’re such minor issues, I probably am…)

Cheers and thank you,

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