Airplay problem

I used to stream airplay YouTube by brave to block ads.
But can’t seeking or playing current time during airplay. The video only start at the beginning. Unable seeking time.
Thank you!
Using iPhone 11 Pro Max. iOS 15.3.1
Brave version: Version 1.42 (

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Hello @Toidungtaikhoan

Thank you for reaching out and sorry to hear you’re having trouble with Brave. Are there any other sites you see this issue with? We don’t modify any AirPlay behavior in Brave. Further, I notice that the AirPlay button on that site doesn’t work in Safari either and is likely due to the way the site has setup that button/their media player.

That said, if you play that video in full screen, the native iOS player will open with an AirPlay option that does work when you interact with it.

Please let me know if that works and have a nice day!

I have the same issue. Another issue is the fact that if I use AirPlay (I always prefer chromecast over airplay, but for some reason chromecast isn’t always available as an option) to stream a video it will automatically stream any other form of media that I come across on my phone. For example, I will stream a YouTube video via AirPlay from the brave browser. My sister will send me a Live Photo of my niece and nephew and if I view the Live Photo it will automatically kick my YouTube video from my tv and begin playing the Live Photo (just the audio though) instead. It’s so annoying. Im always browsing the web on my phone while watching tv and this bug (feature) has made it unbearable. If I’m browsing a website, while steaming something from my phone, if there is a video anywhere on the webpage (doesn’t matter if I click on it, just scrolling the page triggers it) it will begin playing the video from the website on the tv 100% of the time. I’ve turned off every single AirPlay setting on iOS and even removed brave browser from the local network and nothing has fixed it. I can’t be the only person that uses their phone while also streaming via AirPlay. How can I not find a solution online or even find many people that are complaining of this issue?

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