Use system title bar on Windows [usability]

Description of the issue: The browser window does not have a proper system title bar.
How can this issue be reproduced? Open the Brave browser and see.

Brave Version: 1.25.68

Additional Information: I’m used to applications on my desktop have a proper title bar. That’s the top-most row within the bounds of the application UI and it contains a little application icon, a title text (for browsers usually the title of the active page) and then the minimise/maximise/close buttons at the far end. This bar is usually rendered by the operating system and looks consistent across all (most) windows. This bar serves several important usability tasks:

  1. It indicates whether the window is active or not. That means whether keyboard input will go into this window or if another window has put itself in the foreground and will receive keyboard input. It does that by clearly showing very distinct colours. Windows 10 needs some tweaking with built-in preferences, all earlier versions had that as default.
  2. It shows the current page title more completely than just the first one or two words of a tab header. That’s important for web authoring and also SEO.
  3. It provides a relatively large area to grab and move the window, including gestures to maximise and restore the window (drag to a window edge; double-click). I usually have my browser window smaller than fullscreen and sometimes make it larger for sites that either show more content or are simply poorly designed. Without the title bar, there’s only a thin band to move the window, and in fullscreen, even just a little button in the corner to restore its size. (I know there are keyboard shortcuts but sometimes I’m holding the mouse in one hand and use my other hand for something else, so pressing a two-hand shortcut is not so easy.)

Not having a title bar makes it harder to use the browser. Firefox has a built-in option do get back the title bar as it has always been.

I’ve seen screenshots in this forum or elsewhere that suggest that such an option has once existed in Brave. But I cannot find it today.

I can only speak for Windows here. I’ve got no current experience with Linux graphical desktops or Apple devices and how they usually behave.

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