Title bar shows in the first browser launch on Fedora 35

The first time that a launch Brave in a session the system title bar appears, if I close the browser and launch it again the title bar is not shown and only the tabs are displayed, this is the way that I like to use the browser.

How can I fix this?

Distro: Fedora Linux 35 Workstation Edition
Gnome: 41.1 using Wayland

Do you mean the ‘Activities’ bar (or whatever it’s called):


Or the window title bar:


If the latter: Brave settings → Appearance → Use system title bar and borders

Not sure about the former.

The title bar appears only in the first launch, if I close the browser and launch it again it disapears.

I made tests with other Chromium based browsers and the results are the same, looks like it is a issue with Chromium and Wayland as this issue doesn’t appear with X11.

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