URL visited for the very first time, option to Allow JavaScript for future visits

For some three or four months now, visiting a website for the first time does NOT provide the very handy option to “Allow JavaScript” for every renewed visit to that URL any longer, like it DID use to do when I began using Brave as my standard browser in August 2020.
One day it was still there, the next day, that option had suddenly disappeared, so that with every renewed visit to the same site, I now have to use “Allow scripts once” every single time.
Has this option been disabled with one the frequent Browser updates? I am sure this annoys loads of other users. Why should be have to “retrust” sites we visit frequently at every repeat visit now?All the dozens of sites I had visited and “Allowed JavaScript” on before this sudden change some months ago still work without ever asking me again to “Allow scripts once”, but none of the new ones I’ve visited since the change seem to be allowed to be put “under permanent trust” anymore by a “I will always allow JavaScript on this site” option.

Please explain what has happened precisely.
Thanks very much in advance.

** Latest version Release Notes V1.21.73 (Mar 3, 2021)**

Additional Information:

Hello @FoxyMike

do you clear site and shield settings on exit brave://settings/clearBrowserData

or you use private mode

Hi @justsomeone1,

I never do any of the two, so that cannot be the cause.

Hi @FoxyMike

could you try to disable all extension and see if it help or not?

I have only one single Extension, startpage.com, I’ve disabled it, but there is still no change to the behaviour of my Brave browser at all.

could you try to create new profile and see if you still face the same thing in that new one

go to menu then choose create a new profile

This was intentionally removed here:

Largely due to the icon not being fully functional. Note that we are considering adding our own indicator for when scripts are blocked:

To allow scripts to be run on a site permanently, simply open the Shields panel in the address bar and turn script blocking “off”. Note that settings made in the Shields panel are site-specific and will persist across sessions. So if you only want JS enabled for specific sites and blocked on all others, go to Settings --> Shields and set the Block scripts option here “on”. Now scripts will be blocked for every site you visit, until you change the scripts setting in the Shields panel for a particular site.

You can test this by

  1. Performing the step above and set scripts to be blocked globally
  2. Visit a site
  3. Observe scripts are blocked for that site
  4. Open the Shields panel and toggle the Block scripts option “off”
  5. Close and revisit that same site – observe scripts are still allowed
  6. Visit another site – observe that scripts here remain blocked


You are one hell of support desk dude (is that you on that beach there? :star_struck: ): such a crystal-clear explanation, it warms my high-functioning autistic heart!
Very pleased with Brave Browser indeed, I’ve installed it since August and never looked back.
Keep up the good work up there (from the surf beach?? :laughing: )

Mike (all the way from Belgium)

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So glad you found that helpful and I do appreciate the kind words! Yes that’s me on the beach but unfortunately is just a vacation and not my every day – maybe someday though! :beach_umbrella: :beach_umbrella:

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any further questions or concerns!