How to control Javascript being accepted or not

Hello, so I am somewhat a new brave member and I’ve noticed that any time I visit a new website I have to allow access to JavaScript which I have learn is a default setting of the brave shield.

So I know that I can stop this issue by going into the shield settings and stop blocking scripts. I’m curious if theres a way that I can keep blocking scripts, but when a website has a secure connection to have access to Java right away without me having to give permission.
I’m running the cur version of brave (Version 0.65.118) on a macOS

Is there anything that I could do to fix this issue if I still want to allow scripts from unsecure or not fully secure websites?

If there is not a solution to regulate javascript usage automatically as I stated, I’d love any feed back of what everyone else prefers to use for shield settings and and why you like your setting for personal internet use.

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