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I like Brave Browser however as with almost all browsers what i would like to see Brave Browser accomplish more of as a First to do it kinda sorta thing, is it possible to provide more customization to the entire URL bar, the whole space across the screen that has the back and forward buttons and the extension icons etc.
1- Make it possible to drag the size of the URL search itself so I can Resize it smaller
2- Make the whole bar more customizable as in be able to move the Home button where I want it and what as an artist I think would be really cool is to place the URL bar to the left side then place the forward back refresh and home buttons to the center of the screen in the bar with the extension icons next to the right of that and the hamburger icon last but make the entire thing centered, i hate having to go wayyy to the left for the back etc and farther to the right for extension icons, I dont need to see the URL taking up 3/4 or 1/2 of that entire bar across, like the URL search bar itself I only need it like to be 2 inches in size its about 7 inches now at its smallest you allow. Thank You for listening to my suggestion.

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I don’t know if this is a Brave Browser issue or a windows issue. When I try to copy text on any webpage the cursor needs to be placed on the second letter of the sentence I want to copy and then when I left click and hold on my mouse it will then highlight from the first letter of the sentence and then I can drag my cursor across screen to the right to copy what I need…

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try to copy text on any website, visually watch where cursor is, try highlighting a sentence, does yours work if you place the cursor on the first letter of the sentence you want?? or do you have to place your cursor on the second or even the 3rd letter in order for the highlighting to start on the first letter??

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