How to customize the URL bar and tabs

Hello, I need help with:

  1. Customize the tabs display so they don’t get too small so I can still read some text as I add tabs
  2. Make tabs scrollable when I have more than 40 tabs. When I get more than 40, tabs are created I cannot click on the new ones anymore.
  3. Remove the space between the URL bar and the icons on both left and right sides to allow the URL bar to become wider and allow me to see more of the URL at a time.

I’ve tried to find those options in the menus and in the Q&A but I can’t find them anywhere I can think of.
Thanks in advance

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Hello @brunoais

for 2 move our hover your mouse over one of the tabs then use the middle scroll button in the mouse and it will be scrollable

for number 3 go to brave://settings/appearance and enable this Use wide address bar and you can also enable Always show full URLs if you like

hope that help and have a nice day :slight_smile:


Your solution for 2 didn’t work. Middle click closes the tab (as expected) and scrolling changes the tab and doesn’t scroll the tabs bar.

Thank you for solution to 3. It works

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you very welcome and sorry for miss understanding for 2

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