Can I move UI elements around? URL bar in middle of screen

I just started using Brave recently and I’ve noticed some odd behavior and not sure if this is normal. My monitor resolution is higher than average 2560x1440 and if I run Brave fullscreen the bookmark button, url bar, brave shields, and brave rewards all move to the center of the UI while back, forward, and refresh stay locked to left and settings and person stay locked to the right. I can only assume that this was not intended and the intent was to scale with different screen resolutions. I can provide a screenshot if need be.

You should definitely share screenshots of this.

I too am very interested in seeing what this looks like on your end. Would you mind sharing a screenshot or two of the UI elements centered?

Open your menu and navigate to Settings --> Appearance --> Use Wide Location Bar. This should cause the address bar and it’s surrounding elements to span the length of the browser (until it hits other UI elements of course):

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