New Feature Requests - Thank you

Ability to customize URL bar:

Users are unique, one size doesn’t always fit all. It would be very useful to be able to move task and extension icons from one side of the URL bar to the other, to fit the use and comfort of the user. It’s frustrating that one cannot relocate their home button, their undo closed tab extension button, print extension icon, noscript button, refresh, fwd/back, etc left or right of the URL bar to suit the user. The ability to customize right inside the browser without adding extensions for a single feature, is a big deal for many users.

Ability to have more than 1 row of bookmarks in the bookmark bar:

Many users trying to come over to Brave, many from Firefox, are used to being able to have more than 1 row of bookmarks in their bookmark bar. This makes accessiblity so much quicker.

Ability to just simply left click to have a bookmark bar link open to a new ‘focused’ tab:

Yes, one can hold the ctrl key and click, or right click then select open in new tab, but why? Why not simplify for a single left click, as the Bookmarks Menu extension allows when clicking on the bookmarks listed?

Add a simple search bar to the URL bar:

Like in Firefox, where one may perform a quick search directly to a particular site without going through a search engine.

Ability to move ‘Print’ and ‘Search/Find…on page’ to an icon in the URL bar for one step, quick access.

Thanks for listening, may we see these features added soon, as the sooner they come, the sooner many will use Brave as their main driver.

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Hi. I want to second your suggestion for having more than 1 row in the bookmark bar. Thanks.

I came over from Firefox as well, and I’m missing the customization options so much!
Moving all the items would be great, as for me some make more sense at a different position. I even miss an extra search bar, additional to the address bar.