Address Bar Alighnment

Not sure about anyone else, but I’d like the ability to align the address bar to the left - like all other browsers. It’s center position has me forgetting where it’s at all the time, plus with a larger screen, there’s a lot of screen real estate for my mouse to cover when moving back and forth to the previous/next arrows and the refresh/home buttons. If you would consider adding this ability, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! BYW - LOVE Brave!

@Thepipe you can enable " Wide URL bar" in Settings. :sweat_smile:

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Thanks for the fast reply, but I have no “Settings” item in Brave - only Preferences. Under Preferences, there is no option to change the address bar width - see screenshot of Preferences below.

Apparently, I am running an older version of Brave - even though the program tells me there are no updates. Am downloading latest version from Brave website and will report back.

Which Brave version that you use @Thepipe?

Based on your screenshot, your Brave seems outdated. And it seems that you still use 0.25.x or earlier version which is no longer supported and has been replaced by the new Brave Browser 0.64.x and higher.

Can you try download the new version from ?

No need to uninstall the current Brave . You can run it in parallel. After you installed the new version, you can import your browser data from prev. Brave.

And recover your Brave Rewards wallet too (if you have any)


All set. I downloaded/installed the latest version. Problem solved. Thanks!

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