URL autocomplete disable would be nice

For version 1.3.115 on Windows 10-

Maybe it’s there, but I can’t find a way to disable the URL autocomplete feature. As an example, I recently visited McMaster-Carr looking for cyanoacrylate adhesive. Now whenever I type in their url, it autofills all the gubbins after the .com and takes me straight to a search for cyanoacrylate adhesive. Every time. And I can’t get it to stop. It’s annoying.

I would like to be able to turn it off. I can turn off autocomplete for a few other fields, but not the search bar.

Otherwise, I’m really liking the browser. Thanks.


At long last this much desired feature has arrived in the mac version of Brave.

I don’t know if it has been implemented in the Windows version of Brave, but I would be very surprised if the option isn’t there as many more people use Windows instead of macs and this means the development of the Windows version of Brave gets the highest priority in the areas of security and the implementation of new features.

Before you begin please check and ensure that you have the very latest stable release version of Brave.

Here is where I found the option to disable autocomplete in the Address Bar.

Simply open the Brave Preferences and Click Appearances in the left side column, scroll down you should find an option to “Show Autocomplete in Address Bar” and simply toggle it off.

Then click Privacy and Security in the left side column and in that section the first option listed is “Auto-complete searches and URLs” and toggle it off.

Chrome has always been extremely stubborn in their refusal to give users an option to disable Autocomplete and Search Suggestions.

For many Chrome users the inability to disable Search Suggestions and Autocomplete has been a very long standing grievance that many Chrome users have been complained about to no avail.

Up until now the only Chrome based browser which allowed disabling of Autocomplete and Search Suggestions was Vivaldi.

I am so pleased that Brave developers have listened to its users and finally given us what we want.

I sincerely hope that this option has been implemented in the Windows version of Brave.

It is indeed there. Thank you.

I didn’t think to look there, I was assuming it would be under autofill.