Disabling autofill autocomplete on website search bars

Search suggestions at various websites often make suggestions as you start to type. These are based on your most commonly used search words.

When sharing a screen in Zoom, I don’t want my search history revealed whenever I use a search bar at a website.

To disable this feature, I went to Settings>Autofill and Passwords>Addresses and More, and then turned off “Save and Fill Addresses”.

Nb: this is different from the Brave settings “autofill in address bar”, which has a different way to turn on or off.

Brave version on a Mac running OS 14 Sonoma: v1.60.110 (Nov 2, 2023)

At this time, there actually isn’t a way to do this. It is however being implemented along with some other more granular autofill/autocomplete controls:

For now, you can remove individual autofill/complete suggestions by using the arrow keys to highlight it, then pressing Shift + Fn + Delete.

Shift+Fn+Delete is much better, disabling address feature in settings worked as well, but I’m grateful that I can turn it back on and use your approach.

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PS: Using the Shift+Fn+Delete approach requires deleting each word one-by-one.
To dispense with any suggestions whatsoever, turn off auto fill for addresses in settings.
Settings>Autofill and Passwords>Addresses and More>Save and Fill Addresses (turn off).

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