Uphols two factor cant reset. i cant login with uphold i dont want to lose my monthly price money

i forgot the security key, so uphold two factor authenticator cant reset. i cant login with my uphold wallet. i dont want to lose my monthly rewards please help me ???

I’m not sure, but I think you can contact Uphold support for help with that.

I seem to remember that if you lose access to your 2FA app, they can help you get into your account, but they will ask for your information to verify that it is you.

In this world of cryptography, it is very important to protect our access codes so that we always have them on hand and that this does not happen to us.

I hope you can solve.

I reported the problem to them but I don’t want to lose this month’s 15000 bat reward ad earnings for their late reply, what should I do? I couldn’t connect my wallet and April is almost over

If you couldn’t connect your wallet, nothing happens, you will still receive what you generated but it will stay in the browser wallet until you connect it (in case are rewards for ads) You won’t lose it as long as you don’t delete the browser.

If are rewards for tips, then will not be transferred and will stay there until you connect your wallet.

Now if your wallet is connected, but you cannot access Uphold, will most likely be transferred and you will lose access to them until you solve your problem.

In that case I would disconnect it from the browser wallet until I have full access to Uphold. That’s a lot of bat you’re talking about.

My problem is not solved yet. I want to connect with my brother’s account, but the system says ‘there is a registered account’ and does not allow another user. Could you help me please? İm very bored

Your problem is with Uphold. This Brave user community cannot help you with login problems with Uphold.

It is as the previous answer says. Unfortunately your problem is with Uphold and comes from a user (you) error.

Very little they can do here and as you have noticed they have not given it much attention, I am very sorry.

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