Problems after resetting the 2-factor validation from creating my account

I had three problems after resetting the 2-factor validation from creating my account:

  1. I lost my bats
  2. I lost uphold settings
  3. I can no longer connect back to my uphold

Thanks for your attention.

@Meunice This issue is between you and Uphold overall. Have you tried to contact them?

As far as BAT, I’m guessing with it linked that your BAT would have paid there. Your issue right now just is you can’t access your own account because you lost your 2FA.

I lost my 2-factor access to I accessed the site and reset the 2-factor. After two days, I accessed the website again, but to my surprise, my Bats balance was zero, and uphold wallet had disconnected. When trying to connect the wallet again, a message alerted me that the uphold wallet was already connected.

@Meunice Ah, you didn’t put this in #brave-rewards:creators so assumed you were talking just normal Rewards. And way it sounded was you lost your Uphold 2FA. Now that I’m hearing you say it’s your Creators 2FA and all, I’d suggest you create a Creators Support Ticket to see if Brave can help.

Zero balance might be normal. If it paid, it would be in your Uphold account. The balance shown on Creators login is only the pending amount for the month.

How to create a Creators Support Ticket?

You click on the link I provided and that you quoted…

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